10 Reasons Your Grandparents Should Use Pot

The world’s oldest woman, Fulla Nayak, who passed away at the ripe old age of 125, credited her longevity to daily use of ganja and palm leaf wine, common in her native India. Not only did Nayak live a long life, she was relatively healthy right up until the end, complaining only of weakening eyesight. Nayak could stand and walk on her own until the day she passed away, with an occasional cold being her most serious medical condition.


Despite the stereotype of marijuana users as burned-out teens munching on Doritos, today, the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is actually baby boomers and senior citizens. This increase of use is for good reason—cannabis has proven itself to be a powerful weapon against the ravages of age. Everything from prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, relief from chronic pain, cancer prevention and relief from arthritis to a substitute for potentially dangerous and addictive prescription drugs can be found in Cannabis [

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