What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for the compound found in cannabis known as cannabidol.  CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, or in other words it counteracts inflammation in your body that may be causing pain or other symptoms.  It works as an analgesic or pain-killer.  CBD is also reported to have properties that combat anxiety.


Will I Get High?

CBD can counter the effects of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes you feel high or stoned.  It also helps eliminate the paranoia or anxiety some experience when using cannabis.  The feeling you may expect using a high CBD Strain is a sedative effect.  Some refer to strains such as these as “Creeper Bud” because the effect may be delayed and not appear immediately after consumption.  Once the effects do kick in however, you may find that it lasts as much as twice as long as a high THC/low CBD strain.  What this means to you is a longer period of relief from your symptoms.


Can High CBD Strains Help Me?

High CBD strains may be for you if you suffer from Seizure disorders such as Dravet’s syndrome or Epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, neurological disorders, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, muscle spasms and neuropathic pain.  Some have also found help from high CBD strains in treating symptoms of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, schizophrenia and nausea.  It may also be useful for treating anti-biotic resistant infections.  If you have cancer, high CBD strains are often an effective choice for the many symptoms you may be experiencing.


High CBD Strains…What’s the Deal?


Sunflower Meds High CBD Strains, Phoenix AZ MMJ Dispensary

In addition to our Indicas, Sativas and Hybrid Blends we carry several High CBD Strains, ranging from 6.48% to 11.36%.  If you suffer from disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, MS, PTSD and seek relief without impacting your ability to conduct your daily life you may be a candidate for a high CBD Strain.  So…What’s the Deal With High CBD Strains? Find out here.

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