Is your Weed weary? Sativa sapless? Indica in need of irrigation? If you aren’t storing your Cannibis buds properly, you weed is suffering from water loss. Dry product produces a harsh experience for your lungs and loss of the flavor and enjoyment of smoking. Follow these tips from a Marijuana Storage Products Maker to keep your ganja green.

Weed Storage tips via Sunflower Meds Dispensary of Phoenix AZNow that the US is changing its position on cannabis, it’s becoming more widely available, so it’s important for those users, either recreational or medical, to understand a few things about cannabis storage in order to keep it fresh, potent, and safe. At Cannador®, we test a variety of methods and evaluate those results in an effort to make better storage products, but we’ve also learned a few common traits that any cannabis storage container should have.A study entitled “The Stability of Cannabis and its Preparations on Storage,” conducted by J.W. Fairbairn, J.A. Liebmann, and M.G. Rowan from the University of London in 1975 concluded that the best long-term cannabis storage method required keeping cannabis at room temperature in a dark and sealed container.They stored cannabis and resin in varying conditions for 2 years and observed changes in THC potency due to exposure to UV light. Another study conducted in 1996 by Samir A. Ross and Mahmoud A. ElSohly, entitled “The Volatile Oil and Composition of Fresh and Air-Dried buds of Cannabis Sativa,” discovered that drying cannabis will result in a reduction of oil recovered and a significantly greater loss of monoterpenes, but ultimately this won’t affect the quality of oil production (specifically using distillation methods). Rather, the effects of drying or oxidation have an impact on smoking cannabis as it relates to what we call  the “slow burn.”Smoking dry cannabis tends to be harsh on the lungs and there is a noticeable change in flavor. This is because when cannabis undergoes evaporative loss, the oily trichome glands lose water, which retains terpenes (roughly 10% of the overall plant) that give the strain its distinctive taste and flavor. In order to mitigate this water-loss, it’s best to keep cannabis in an environment that a relative humidity (RH) of between 60% and 65%. This ensures that the trichomes remain sticky and fresh and will ultimately result in a “slow burn,” similar to what you’d want from a cigar.Based on this information, we’ve observed four important traits that your cannabis storage box or container should have:

  1. Don’t use a tobacco humidor. Most tobacco humidors are lined with Spanish cedar, which has the potential to influence the taste of your cannabis because of the oils it imparts.  Therefore, if you do use a plain humidor, make sure that it’s lined with mahogany, which is a very neutral wood that won’t impart any oils or influence the flavor of the cannabis. Glass and metal, preferably anodized aluminum, are both equally acceptable. Mason jars are extremely popular, just remember to keep them in a dark cupboard.
  2. Make sure you separate your strains. Cannabis has terpenes that influence its taste and aroma. There is, to some degree, volatility in these aromatic compounds that have the potential to change or influence other cannabis strains if they rub against each other. The trichomes of cannabis are wet and oily, so if these oils transfer to another strain, they will leave their trace, thus compromising the taste. In other words, you don’t want your Blue Dream tasting like Granddaddy Purple.
  3. Keep your grinders, pipes, papers, etc. separate from your cannabis. The resin from pipes tends to linger, well after you’ve smoked your cannabis and this will undoubtably stink up your box or container. As previously mentioned, cannabis contains volatile aromatic compounds and you don’t want these influenced by outside sources. As for the other paraphernalia, it’s simply good etiquette to keep your tools separate from your cannabis.
  4. Utilize humidity as a means to keep the trichomes from drying. We recommend using a 2-way system like the Humidity Bead System® or Boveda® that have  the ability to self-regulate the environment. The optimal humidity range is a little less than what you’d like for tobacco, which should be between 60% to 65% RH. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky and moist.

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